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Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome Note!

Thanks for visiting this site.
My name is Ku Azhar and i'm Malaysian.
What i'm trying to achieve here is to make a place where someone can sit back and relax while watching many type of memories captured by my lens.

I'm using Lumix FZ40,just a standard camera,its not a DSlr and i'm still a newcomer in this photography world,so if you have any improving critics,please say it out loud so that i can learn more..thanks..

and, thanks again,
feel free to let me know if you need to use my photo.
peace no war.
Ku Azhar Bin Ku Razi

1 comment:

Nafisah Ruslan said...

teringin nak ade kemera mahal ni. tapi masih tak mampu nak beli. tapi suatu hari nnt pasti akan beli juga.. saya suka snap2 gambar macam yg awak ambil ni :)